New Metal Battery Case for iPhone 16 Pro Leaked

Previously this month, speculation circulated about Apple developing an in-house custom battery metal case to extend the battery life of its forthcoming smartphone lineup.

iPhone 16 Pro Battery

Recently, notorious leaker @KosutamiSan on X (formerly Twitter) unveiled images potentially showcasing the metal battery case. These pictures reveal an L-shaped metal battery allegedly sourced from an “early stage” iPhone 16 Pro prototype.

The novel battery touts a 3,355 mAh capacity, a marginal increase over the iPhone 15 Pro’s 3,274 mAh, amounting to a 2.5% boost. Nevertheless, it remains significantly lower than the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 4,422mAh battery.

Moreover, the latest battery can deliver 13.02 Watt-hours at a restricted charge voltage of 4.48 Volts and has a redesigned connector. According to the leak, Apple appears to have switched from a black foil enclosure to a frosted metal casing for the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery. This change enhances thermal efficiency without increasing the phone’s weight.

As this information comes from an “early stage” iPhone 16 Pro battery prototype, approach these leaked specs with caution since not all features may make it into the final product.